pretty model fat loss capsule

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Herbal Extract
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pretty model

Specifications & effective slimming capsule.
loose 15-25lbs.

450 mg x 20 capsules / box
For those who want to reduce fat 13 kg in a month

Honored as the top honorable: GOLDEN EMPEROR AWARD of Japan Fat Reducing Association
The Best Modern Slimming Product Recommended by the Movie Starts and Models of Korea and Japan

Pretty Model Slimming Capsule is plant research doctor of Japan Koto Basha Pharmacy Co., Ltd., is made of extracted multi-plant that have defined fat reducing effect, and is made by scientific formula. Through functional experiment, it proved that Pretty Model can rapidly discharge the superfluous fat and toxin of the body, has effects of reducing fat, beautifying, whitening, moisturizing skin and detoxifying. Taking three boxes can reduce 10-20 kilograms, is the best slimming product of the movie stars and models of Korea and Japan.

It can REDUCE FAT IN THREE DAYS. Pretty Model Slimming Capsule was not only selling well in many places in Foreign countries, but also become one of the most famous slimming products. It proved that after taking it, the unique ingredients of Lotus Leaf and Chitosan can decompose 6 grams of fat, taking it every day, the human body can accept the maximum of 450 mg, Pretty model can reduce fat over one kilogram in three days, reduce fat several kilograms in a month. Because of it, those who are anxious to interview, who are in love, and near wedding day, and the woman who wants to be beautiful, especially like wearing short skirt, like showing perfect figure shall list, Pretty Model Slimming Capsule as the first choice. This product makes you slim once you take it, then slim down again and again until to the perfect slender.

REDUCE SIZE RAPIDLY! YOU BECOME MORE AND MORE BEAUTIFUL! WONDERFUL! Taking pretty Model Slimming Capsule can have four changes:
1. Reduce 5kg in 3 days. Reach perfect slender result in a month.
2. Can thoroughly change the fat physical, with no need to worry about the rebound problem.
3. The Super-Excellent reducing Fat Result: It can reduce the fat a waist, abdomen and buttocks in a about 10 days; really can create a magic figure.
4. You will become more and more beautiful! The enzyme dispelling fat outcome is the active ion water, which is just aborted by the skin and cell, so that is very delicate and moist. You will become more and more beautiful while reducing fat, in addition, it is very beneficial for fat liver, high-blood, with safe and reliable, you can set your heart at rest to take it.
a. SOFT AND DELICATE WAIST: the round waist begins to sunk, present concave curve, and become lovely small waist.
b. FLAT ABDOMEN: the abdomen is no longer several levels with sitting, and become flat and firm
c. FIRM RAINING BUTTOCKS: the wide and fall buttocks is no longer fat and becomes round, solid and tight.
d. SLENDER THIGH: the thigh becomes slender with good shape. The pants is no longer wrap at the leg, is comfortable with wearing pants!
e. LONG AND SLENDER CALF: the calf is no longer protrude, and look very slender, and special long and slender!
f. SLENDER ARMS: the round arms become slender and sex appeal, your bearing becomes excellent no matter how thick sweater you are wearing!
g. ELEGANT FACE: The Line of your face becomes very elegant, with moist and delicate and clear and beautiful!
h. SUPER-EXCELLENT FIGURE: The size of your is small A Size with elegant bearing. All the XXL size of you is entirely eliminated. Tomorrow you will go to buy new dress!

1. Free from diarrhea, anorexia, no rebound
2. Reduce fat at waist, abdomen, arm and thigh
3. Coprostasis , eliminate toxin accumulation
4. Suited for this whi want to reduce fat 13 kilograms in a month
5. Suited for those who repeatedly fail in fat reducing
6. For those who have bad skin quality, splash and acne

Lotus Leaf, Chinese Watermelon peel, aweto, glossy ganoderma, ginseng and Chitosan.

Reduce fat, Whiten and Beautify skin
(mainly reduce fat at abdomen, arm, buttocks, leg parts and reduce speckle and beautify and whiten skin)